Test Equipment

Consumer ElectronicsConnect Sales provides innovative solutions for Automated Test Equipment manufacturers worldwide by working closely with design engineers, ultimately enabling low front end cost for high end profit.

Connect Sales is a leading supplier of many of the components that are the heart and soul of Automated Test Equipment machines. We understand that many of these companies are faced with complicated decisions involving quality, speed, and ultimately cost. Connect Sales provides many innovative solutions for the ever changing demands of staying at the front of market expectations, enabling you to advance your brand and maintain a strong market presence.

Our flexibility in having multiple vendors of quality parts enables us to strategically pair your unique products with the right manufacturers. We are dedicated to providing the technology and service that is essential in continually strengthening business relationships. Connect Sales is your one stop shop for quality custom parts as we provide many services, including:

  • Our engineers develop and test initial prototype designs and plans and work directly with manufacturers to deliver above stated minimum specifications.
  • Established and streamlined design to door production model gives us one of the fastest product turnarounds in the business.
  • Our fast turnaround times enables greater cost saving values for both end product delivery and expedited prototype development.
  • One stop shop for all of your custom product requirements.
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