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TelecommConnect Sales is a leader in providing custom, economical solutions for various sectors in the telecommunications industry.

The telecommunications industry has grown exponentially due to recent technological advancements and Connect Sales is leading the charge as a premier supplier of exact product applications needed. We are dedicated to providing electronic and mechanical components and equipment that are consistent and reliable, yet affordable, utilizing our custom and advanced manufacturing capabilities.

Our prototyping and developing capabilities provide customers with the highest quality and complex printed circuit board assembly, integrated turnkey solutions, cable and wire harness manufacturing and quality metal fabricated enclosures. We supply core products that integrate into a myriad of networking devices including repeaters, routers, hubs and media converters. Additionally, we specialize in servicing various broader communications standards including RF and satellite technology, broadband access and optical networks. Our dedication to providing the technology you need in an ever-changing world of telecommunications enables us to provide many services, including:

  • spot-on development in partnership with our engineers, testing initial prototype designs and creating plans for production that will deliver product above stated minimum specifications,
  • established and streamlined manufacturing processes to provide one of the fastest product turnarounds in the business, and
  • validation and regulatory compliance on all components and parts.

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