Printed Circuit Boards

With many companies relying on printed circuit boards (PCBs) to operate efficiently, only the best PCBs will allow a company to remain competitive. We design top-quality PCBs through careful prototyping and quick turnaround for a variety of industries including: medical, telecom, aviation/military, industrial controls, and test equipment. Our team designs with precision while meeting your specific requirements, from simple to complex. Choose from our wide selection of PCB fabrications:

  • Oversized panel capability of up to 30″ x 24″
  • RoHS laminates and surface finishes
  • Thin copper core down to .0025 mils
  • Laser drilling and microvia processing
  • Blind/buried vias
  • 100% net list testing with IPC netlist compare
  • TDR testing for controlled impedance requirements
  • One piece to one million pieces/stocking programs
  • ITAR /TS16949 ISO and MIL-SPEC certified