Printed Circuit Boards

Printed Circuit BoardsAs a leading printed circuit board supplier, Connect Sales has all your PCB construction and technology options for any application.

The proliferation and relative ease of manufacturing printed circuit boards have resulted in a highly competitive market, requiring painless prototyping, easy production and quick turn around. Connect Sales is a leading supplier of printed circuit boards, specializing in providing businesses with exactly what they need, when they need it to maintain their competitive edge.

Connect Sales partners with leading PCB manufactures who boast the highest quality with the fastest turnaround for any type of application requirements.

Connect Sales specializes in servicing various industries including medical, telecomm, aviation / military, industrial controls and test equipment which often required PCBs ranging in complexity from highly advanced to the most basic technology. Our team of engineers and designers excel in understanding every facet of your design requirements and partner with our various manufacturers to provide industry leading turnaround times with the highest quality possible. By providing the highest level of printed circuit board manufacturing, Connect Sales offers a wide array of PCB fabrication choices, including:

  • Oversized panel capability 30" x 24"
  • RoHS laminates and surface finishes
  • Thin copper core down to .0025 mils
  • Laser drilling and microvia processing
  • Blind/buried via’s
  • 100% net list testing with IPC netlist compare
  • TDR Testing for controlled impedance requirements
  • 1 piece to 1 million pieces/Stocking programs
  • ITAR /TS16949 ISO and Mil-Spec certified
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