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MedicalBy maximizing technology’s dependability and benefits while minimizing overall cost, Connect Sales is committed to life-saving and sustainable medical applications the world over.

The medical industry is continually leading the charge of researching and developing the most advanced electronic applications to provide better diagnostic, operating and post-op recovery and rehabilitation options. The manufacturing and implementation of high-tolerance and dependable electronic components and equipment is essential to maintaining consistent reliability.

With this knowledge, Connect Sales is one of the leading suppliers of electronic components and equipment specifically designed for improving and sustaining the quality of life in the healthcare industry. We manufacturer parts and equipment for laboratory equipment, optical devices, imaging systems, therapeutic devices, patient monitors, surgical systems, diagnostic and testing equipment, RF metering and more. Our dedication to the medical device industry’s highest standards enables us to provide many services, including:

  • spot-on development in partnership with our engineers, testing initial prototype designs and creating plans for production that will achieve success of the product’s function in production runs,
  • quality systems to ensure medical devices intended for commercial distribution in the United States meet or exceed standards and usage requirements,
  • a streamlined design to door production model to offer the fastest product turnaround in the business, and
  • full understanding of regulatory medical requirements and specifications, ensuring all products meet or exceed stringent industry standards.

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