We work with engineers to provide low frontend cost for high-end profit for automated test equipment manufacturers. Keep pace with evolving market expectations by choosing from our collection of key components for automated test equipment machines. Our network of vendors enables us to customize a solution for each of your specific products, all while meeting your product requirements and providing industry-leading turnaround time for prototype to production.


The health care industry heavily relies on medical applications of all kinds, and the need for dependable, top-quality products is undeniable. We manufacture parts and equipment for laboratory machines, optical devices, imaging systems, therapeutic devices, patient monitors, surgical systems, diagnostic and testing equipment, radio frequency metering, and more. All regulatory medical requirements are met, guaranteed by our thorough testing of product designs.


We provide high-performance, customized components for the broadest range of applications in the electronic instrumentation marketplace. Our team is experienced in delivering everything from simple gauges to complex precision measurement instruments. Through strong relationships with our customers and suppliers, we can meet your exact requirements the first time.


Our nation’s military and pilots are no strangers to mission-critical operations, and part of their job requires learning and working with a wide variety of equipment. We’re committed to providing the essential technology and components to maintain the logistical, offensive, and defensive activities of all military branches. Some of our essential defense and aerospace products and applications include: satellite communication and telemetry, radar systems, night vision, electronic shielding, radio communications, and surveillance systems. Every product or application is tested and inspected to ensure the safety of our military personnel and to meet all requirements.


We provide precision machined parts, metal fabrications, custom cable assemblies, and printed circuit board assemblies for a wide variety of agriculture and construction companies. Our industry-leading turnaround time ensures you quickly get your electronic or mechanical product to market, including: precision machining of large form factors of up to 62″ diameter turned parts, cable assemblies for large power transfers, and more. Our product and engineering team works under strict guidelines and a streamlined prototype-to-production plan to deliver top-quality products for your specific needs.


Telecommunications companies depend on a range of electronic and mechanical applications to run efficiently. Our designers and engineers work in sync from prototype to production to deliver only the highest-quality customized products, including: complex printed circuit board assembly, integrated turnkey solutions, cable and wire harness manufacturing, and metal-fabricated enclosures. Telecom companies rely on these applications for repeaters, routers, hubs, media converters, and other networking devices. We also serve broader communications standards including radio frequency and satellite technology, broadband access, and optical networks. No matter which application is at hand, we guarantee industry-leading turnaround time and comprehensive testing of each product to ensure quality and to meet all product requirements.