Industrial Controls

Industrial ControlsConnect Sales provides the means to keep our technologically industrialized world running, and running at top speed.

Our industrialized world relies on the manufacturing of goods through automated processes. And with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) continually introducing innovative technological products to many market leading companies, it’s essential to have reliable components comprising the many essential facets of production.

Connect Sales understands the key role industrial electronics play in maintaining current production models as well as supporting the development of pioneering technology, be it in networks and relays, semiconductor-based power modules, process automation machines, sensors, automatic switches, monitoring, measurement and testing instruments and efficiency improving solutions.

Connect Sales has built its business upon providing dependable electronics, cable assemblies and fabricated products to improve your end product and output, successfully shortening lead-time, and improving your business resource management capabilities. Our dedication in providing the technology that’s essential to industrial control’s operation and advancement enables us to provide many services, including:

  • Our engineers develop and test initial prototype designs and plans and work directly with manufacturers to deliver above stated minimum specifications.
  • Established and streamlined manufacturing processes give us one of the fastest product turnarounds in the business.
  • Our fast turnaround times enables greater cost saving values for both end product delivery and expedited prototype development.
  • Manufacturing processes are clearly defined and controlled. All critical processes are validated to ensure consistency and compliance with specifications.

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