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Defense and Aerospace

AviationTo maintain technological superiority, Connect Sales supplies our armed serviceman and pilots with the technology they rely upon for mission-critical operations.

The use of advanced electronic components in modern warfare has grown exponentially fast in the recent years. These components make up the core of maintaining and operating a modern military operation, which is essential to not only mission success but for the safety of combat serviceman. Connect Sales is a leading supplier of advanced military-grade electronic components and equipment including custom machining, cable assemblies and metal fabrication, providing our military with reliable products for the harshest of conditions.

Many of our products form the core of essential defense and aerospace applications, including satellite communication and telemetry, radar systems, night vision, electronic shielding, radio communications and surveillance systems. Our dedication in providing the essential technology to maintain the logistical, offensive and defensive activities of all branches of the military enables us to provide many services, including:

  • spot-on development in partnership with our engineers, testing initial prototype designs and creating plans for production that will deliver product above stated minimum specifications,
  • a streamlined design to door production model to offer the fastest product turnaround in the business, and
  • MIL-SPEC, AS9100 and ITAR approved manufacturing proficiency to deliver quality product quickly and to specification.

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