Cable and Wire Assemblies

CablesFrom humble ribbon cables to advanced Mil-Spec applications, Connect Sales provides a full range of cable and wire assembly options.

Connect Sales is a leader in providing the highest quality, total turnkey manufacturing for custom cable and wire harness assemblies. We cater to a full range of customer needs and requirements including industrial and milspec applications, fully customizing each design and plan to meet our customer’s exact needs. Our in-house engineers and designers will ensure your idea correctly translates to real world application with minimal design error and malfunction.

Our experience with developing advanced prototypes enables us to deliver the quality you expect from a leading cable and wire assembly supplier within a turnaround time you wouldn’t believe.

As a company, Connect Sales is dedicated to finding new vendors and manufacturers that are on the cutting edge of cable and wire harness technology. Whether those companies are developing new manufacturing techniques or streamlining the implementation of a unique, but highly desirable feature, we’ll know about it, and we’ll make sure that you’ll know it too. Our vendors undergo rigorous testing for standards compliance and can accommodate any range of orders, from handmade prototypes to large mass production of cables. Every item we ship is inspected and tested if required prior to shipment.

Connect Sales has serviced various industries including medical, telecomm, aviation / military, testing equipment and industrial controls. Among many custom and unique application requirements, our cable and wire assembly services include:

  • Custom Complex Wire and Cable Harnesses
  • RF Cable Assemblies
  • Over Molded Assemblies
  • Electro Mechanical Assemblies
  • Rigid/Semi-Rigid Coax Assemblies
  • Fiber Optic Assemblies
  • Global Manufacturing Locations
  • Box Builds
  • In-Plant Stores

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