Backpanel Assemblies

Back Plane AssembliesConnect Sales supports backpanel users with high layer count PCB’s and .230” thick oversized panels for precise press fit applications.

Backpanel technology and assembly has become essential in our tech centered world. Many advanced machines desiring customizable options with ability to expand rely on backpanels everyday, from test equipment to servers to even telecommunications equipment. Connect Sales recognizes this fact and has positioned itself as one of the industry’s leading backpanel assembly suppliers.

Our experience in servicing various fields and industries, including aviation and military, medical and test equipment ensure that our clients receive the highest attention to exact specification with the highest quality. Our in-house design engineers ensure every idea or design is properly realized with minimal, if any, errors resulting from prototyping. Due to our up front attention to detail, our turnaround time for prototypes to mass production places us ahead of our competition.

Connect Sales offers many customizable options for the various backpanel applications. We strive to ensure our client’s needs are met and often anticipated. Whatever your application or requirements for backpanel assemblies, Connect Sales offers various capabilities, including:

  • Press fit assembly
  • SMT
  • Quick Turn
  • AOI
  • ICT and Functional Testing

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